Why Does My Cat Lick My Nose? 7 Curious Feline Behaviours

Why does my cat want to touch my nose with hers? Why does my cat put its paw on my face? Why does my cat lick my nose? So many questions about the language of felines that we do not necessarily know while cats actually speak to us a lot thanks to their behavior!

why does my cat lick my nose

Felines have a highly developed sense of smell thanks to more than 67 million olfactory receptors. By comparison, humans only have 5 million. The privileged nose of felines makes this sense and associated behaviors an implicit part of the feline’s language and communication, but sometimes the meaning of certain behaviors can be difficult for guardians to understand.

If you’ve come all this way, then you might be wondering “why does my cat lick my nose“? Be aware that this behavior is very common and that it is linked to attachment (and yes, without spoiling the explanation, your kitty loves you). To learn more, continue reading our article.

The Olfactory Sense In Cats

Felines use their sense of smell to extract information since in this way they know the changes that have taken place in the environment and in the different individuals with whom they live. Sometimes felines even analyze a substance by “tasting” it, known as flehmen response.

This feline behavior can be observed in other species as well, as for example when the cat lifts its lips and opens its mouth, showing its teeth so that the aroma reaches the organ of Jacobson, also known as the organ called vomeronasal.

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However, it is important to note that this behavior goes far beyond just being informed, as it is also part of affective behavioral language. In addition to grooming and rubbing, a cat may sense certain parts of its body as another form of social interaction.

In fact, if you live with more than one cat, you may have observed similar behaviors. This intention to gather information perfectly explains why cats feel their mouths or, more curious still, why cats feel their anus. The feline’s nose is thus an essential part of its communication with you, other humans, and other animals.

Why Does My Cat Rub Her Face On My Nose?

Social interactions are particularly important for domestic cats, and environmental enrichment. All of this has a direct impact on the emotional well-being and stability of your furry friend. Although playing or brushing are habits that we need to teach a cat for a good emotional relationship, there are many other behaviors that are important, such as feeling.

When your kitty smells your nose, as well as other parts of the body, you should know that she is greeting you in a friendly way, which also translates into a healthy, positive relationship and a strong bond. And yes, a cat that smells you, a cat that rubs itself on you, a cat that licks you means that your feline friend loves you.

why does my cat rub her face on my nose

This argument would also answer other related questions such as “why does my cat smell my mouth” or “why does my cat lick my face when I sleep”, “why does my cat put her paw on my face”. These are behaviors that the kitty adopts to become familiar with new smells, to maintain an approach with her guardian, and to build emotional bonds.

You may also observe other signs, such as raised and relaxed ears, an open mouth, relaxed whiskers, a raised tail, and a leisurely way of walking.

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Why Does My Cat Lick My Nose?

It can happen that in addition to getting closer to your nose, your kitty may touch your nose with its nose, or even lick it and bite it. Be aware that many cats bite their guardians as an invitation to play, although when it is too abrupt, this behavior can be caused by errors in the kitten’s socialization or by a premature separation from its mother and siblings.

what does it mean when your cat licks your nose

Although a soft bite should not be interpreted negatively, when a strong bite does occur we are faced with unwanted and painful behavior that should not be ignored, especially if the cat lives with young children. In this case, we advise you to stop the interaction and to leave the place where you are so that the cat understands that, when it bites, the play and the affection end (it should never be punished).

In addition, we must avoid playing with our hands and feet, because this way the feline will understand that the parts of our body are not things to bite or scratch. Ideally, when playing with a cat, we use toys that act as an intermediary between our body and the cat. The cat will be able to bite them at will, thus promoting the natural behaviors of this species.

Why Does My Cat Put Her Paw On My Face?

Some cats use their paws when interacting with their guardians — this gesture suggests that the kitty is seeking your attention. It usually manifests as a caressing session, accompanied by purring. This explanation is also valid when we wonder why our cat is covering us or touching our mouth.

Other Curious Cat Language Behaviors

Now you know the reasons that make your feline friend smell your nose, face, and other parts of your body. However, in an effort to learn more about our little cats and cat noses, we’ll show you other curious behaviors that you might not know how to interpret:

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Why is my cat massaging me with her front paws?

Massaging begins when the cat is a kitten and does so to stimulate its mother to produce milk. In adulthood, the kitty continues this behavior, because it generates pleasure and well-being. It is a very positive behavior that testifies to the good relationship between the guardian and his cat.

Why does my cat lick me?

Felines also use the tongue to socialize by licking. It is a very positive behavior that testifies to the good relationship between the guardian and the feline. It is one of the most natural gestures of affection because it is associated with grooming. Some cats also lick us when we sleep. We need to pay attention to this behavior when done in a compulsive and anxious way, consulting a vet if it is grossly overdone.

Why does my cat lick my hair?

If she licks your hair, your kitty loves you very much. As said before, for a cat licking is associated with cleaning, a very important ritual for her. This means that she wants to share her scent with yours, a sign of incomparable love for our little felines. This also applies to the beard.

Why does my cat bring me her toys?

Don’t worry if your feline friend brings back her toys, this behavior is closely linked to hunting. When a cat brings us a dead or stuffed animal, it gives us a precious gift. Some scientists theorize about this behavior and suggest that the feline considers us bad hunters, but there is no scientific evidence for this.

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