Hi! I'm Evan!

Happy pets, happy people.

Happy people, happy pets.

On Pets Roof you will find new and tried and tested, imaginative and useful and perhaps sometimes not quite serious product ideas and gadgets around life with pets.

And of course I also write about topics on pets such as pet training, pet behavior and pet care. I try to rely mainly on facts and modern training methods rather than on popular opinions and anecdotes.

I am a graduate biologist, have been living with big and small, wild and lazy, old and young dogs and cats for about 20 years. I spend every minute of free time with my four-legged friends. I love learning something new about dogs and cats every day and trying out new hobbies. Overall: My enthusiasm is unbroken ♥ But: This is not about my life with a dog or cat!

This is about giving you useful answers, help and tips for your life with your pet!