Not Just Humans Need Home.

Looking to adopt an animal? Considering whether to get a pet from the shelter or a breeder? You’re in the right place.

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At Pets Roof, We Strive to Change how the World Views Animals

We believe that pet owners should be educated and equipped with the best information to handle their animals. Our mission is to provide the best possible help to pet owners in order for their pets to enjoy life to the maximum!



It is more than just for aesthetics. Regular grooming is important for animals that need it, as this helps stimulate skin blood flow as well as clearing of skin airflows.


Pet Nutrition

It is vital to find out what pet food is suitable for your animal, it makes or breaks the day.


Pet Sitting

Going away on a long holiday? Make sure you do your research thoroughly when looking for a pet sitter. It can be a life-of-death decision!



Training is important as it stimulates pet mental health. It also allows your pet to have adequate workout, enabling better rest at night.

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