Akita mixes and mixed breeds with pictures

44 Akita Mixes: Protectors of Japan (and Your Family)!

Last Updated on January 19, 2023 by Evan

Akitas, also known as Akita Inus, are captivating canines from Japan. Even though these pups are perfect as is, clever breeders decided to mix them with other amazing dog breeds and create even more incredible Akita mixes!

But be warned – these cuties have a strong prey drive, making them unsuitable for first-time owners or pet parents of small animals.

Plus they can be aloof with strangers so they need early socialization and the right training.

But no matter what, these hounds will remain loyal guardians of their families in any situation.

In terms of care – they have a thick coat that sheds and requires regular grooming while they need regular exercises to expend their boundless energy.

Akita Inus may seem like the perfect pup, but their health issues can bring some unexpected surprises.

But don’t let that deter you! With the right knowledge you can be sure to enjoy every minute with your Akita companion.

These beautiful animals are incredibly loyal and make excellent watchdogs if you understand them.

And if an Akita Inu isn’t quite what you’re looking for, there are many delightful Akita Mixes out there waiting to be adopted!

These cuddly canines will throw themselves at anyone they recognize as family, so they make wonderful furry friends.

If you’re looking for a pet, Akita Mixes might be perfect for you.

Let’s take a look!

1. Akita Pit

Akita Pit
Credit to: @crazymoments_of_kaya

Parents: Pitbull & Akita

This pup has some of the strongest jaws around thanks to their Pitbull heritage! Their Akita parent means they can also be more friendly and gentle than a purebred Akita.

Their mixed-breed background makes them prone to food allergies, so you better keep the special dinners coming! These pups are unbelievably cute though, and you’ll love them whatever their diet is.

And make sure you get some ultra tough toys too; climbing and chewing are their favourite activities. They won’t accept anything less than indestructible!

2. Huskita

Credit to: @legoshi_the_huskita

Parents: Husky & Akita

The Husky Akita mix is a unique blend of Siberian wolf-like appearance, lots of energy and playfulness. With a bit of training and patience, these dogs make wonderful outdoor companions. However, they have strong willed personalities and require proper socialization to make it easier.

In terms of their health, you should be aware that gastric dilatation volvulus (bloat), hip dysplasia, hemophilia are some common health problems you may encounter. But with regular vet visits and proper care, your Huskita can live a healthy life for many years to come!

3. Shepkita

Credit to: @ryan_and_prince

Parents: German Shepherd & Akita

Parents from different backgrounds often mix beautifully, and this is definitely true for the Akita Shepherd or Shepkita. Expect your pup to be smart, powerful, and devoted to their family – just like both of its parents.

But be aware that their lineage of a free-spirited Akita combined with a loyal shepherd can lead them to roam around so you’ll need a secure fence they won’t escape out of!

Furthermore, Shepkitas are known to have medium energy levels which although can seem quite serious at times still makes them excellent companions when faced with difficult tasks and training.

Moreover, due to the intelligence behind these breeds it’s ideal if you have some experience in dealing with smart animals since they’re known to easily master commands and will require plenty of mental stimulation throughout the day.

Finally, if barking is an issue for you take comfort knowing that these pups will usually take in more character traits from the Akita side in comparison to the German Shepherd who can sometimes become too vocal when stressed.

4. Labrakita

Credit to: @lasciumby

Parents: Labrador & Akita

Labrakita owners are lucky to have the best of two worlds. Loyal Akitas mixed with energetic Labradors makes this hybrid a pup that loves their family and can stay entertained for hours.

Their protective nature means they will sound the alarm when an unexpected visitor arrives, but early socialization will ensure your furry pal is still polite and welcoming.

Labrakita parents don’t need to worry about getting bored with this pup! They are constantly itching for adventure and activity, ensuring you’ll never get lonely around them. However, please keep in mind this pup has a strong prey instinct and does best in homes without other pets.

The bad news is their characteristic thick double coat also comes from their parents, so expect plenty of shedding throughout the year.

5. Akipoo

Credit to: @marc_ground.less

Parents: Poodle & Akita

The Akipoo is the perfect companion if you want a pup that isn’t too difficult to care for. Its combination of Akitas and Poodles gives it the best of both worlds: it has all the playfulness and intelligence of poodles, but much less shedding than Akitas usually have.

So don’t worry about hair coating your home – the Akipoo keeps its shedding to a minimum! Plus, these dogs are very smart and trainable, making them an ideal fit for plenty of activities at home or out on an adventure.

If you’re looking for a loyal friend to join in your fun – even when challenging tasks are involved – then look no further than the Akipoo!

6. Saintkita

Credit to: @evansfamilylegoproject

Parents: Saint Bernard & Akita

Mix two large dogs and you know you’re gonna get one big pooch! Giant bones don’t tell the whole story — these pups are cuddly, huuuge snuggle buddies who love their family.

Weighing in at well over 100 pounds each, they’re best suited to experienced dog owners. These guys don’t do too well on long solo adventures — instead these devoted fur babies need plenty of loving companionship. Separation anxiety could be a problem if they’re ever left alone for too long. So if these big cuties are part of the family, then make sure you give them enough hugs and heck yes to playtime!

7. Akita Chow

Akita Chow
Credit to: @archi.chase

Parents: Chow Chow & Akita

Akita Chow’s are big, beautiful and bold. With a double coat from both their parents – the Akita and the Chow Chow – you’re sure to have a lot of fur around your home. But, don’t expect loads of affection as this pup can be a bit aloof due to their parentage.

Training these large dogs might be hard because they can be quite stubborn too. Plus, with the added shedding genes from the Chow Chow smushed together with those of the Akita, these pooches will require plenty of grooming to maintain their soft, fluffy coats.

8. Newfoundkita

Credit to: @loki_of_newfoundland

Parents: Newfoundland & Akita

Newfoundkitas are majestic creatures that will fill your home with boundless energy and joy. This unique breed comes from both the friendly and affectionate Newfoundland and the feisty yet loyal Akita, making for a perfect combo of protective sass.

Not easily overwhelmed and aloof like some dogs, these lovable pups bring an infectious enthusiasm to every situation, happily greeting neighbors in you stead anytime they happen past.

And when you need to run errands? Don’t worry– Newfoundkitas are fiercely independent. They won’t forget their watchful duty while you’re gone, defending your home from whatever might lurk out there!

9. Akita Dachshunds

Akita Dachshunds
Credit to: @oh.bailey.boo

Parents: Dachshund & Akita

Meet the Akita Dachshund – a pup bursting with energy and excitement! With an outgoing spirit and a live-for-the-moment attitude, this mixed breed is sure to keep you laughing. They’re always up for an adventure, no matter how small or big.

They may be pint-sized but their bark is as bold as any other breed’s – these are superb watchdogs (if only they could talk!). But don’t let their playful nature fool you – they can be quite willful at times, so patience is key.

10. Akita Terrier Mix

Akita Terrier Mix
Credit to: @phineas1109

Parents: Jack Russell Terrier & Akita

The Akita Terrier mix is an exciting blend of two of the world’s cutest dog breeds – Jack Russells and Akitas. When looking for a pup to bring some real fun and adventures into your life, this is an option definitely worth considering.

These pups are already packed with energy, so make sure you can keep up with them! Without enough exercise and playtime throughout the day they will find some way to let out their never-ending supply of energy – usually at your expense!

When you give them all the attention they need, these Akita Terrier mixes truly come alive. They will be sure to provide plenty of laughs as you watch them explore and have endless fun during their adventures!

11. Akita & Cocker Spaniel Mix

Akita & Cocker Spaniel Mix
Credit to: @couchgrouchgirls

Parents: Cocker Spaniel & Akita

The Akita Cocker Spaniel mix is the perfect pup; they are friendly, social and easy-going. With their sweet nature from the Akita and the playfulness of a Cocker Spaniel, this hybrid is ready to become your best friend!

And don’t worry about their bark – a few delicious treats will help ensure your peaceful coexistence.

Although these pooches love nothing more than cuddles, don’t be surprised if they’re beg for extra attention; between their intelligent brains and high energy levels, there’s always something to do.

These pups make great members of any family thanks to their companionship-seeking personalities and gentle disposition.

Whether you’re looking for a running buddy or just someone to keep you company during movie night, this fluffy cutie will bring joy into your life with ease.

The Akita Cockerspaniel mix enjoys fetching at home or going on long walks around the block – give them plenty of exercise and attention and you’ll have a furry friend that bounds with excitement every time they see you coming!

12. Dalmakita

Credit to: @liyun_paw

Parents: Dalmatian & Akita

The Dalmakita is a beautiful, unique and lively breed of dog. With a parent that is an energetic and determined Akita, mixed with the spotted and loving Dalmatian, it’s no surprise that this mixed breed is full of affection and life.

These pups need a lot of room to run free in order to live their happiest lives, as they are known for their strong prey drive. That’s why it’s important for anyone who adopts or owns a Dalmakita to have experience dealing with stubborn dogs and understand how to provide them with firm training.

Their coloring is a sight to behold! While the Akita will usually contribute soft, fur accents around the eyes and edges of the ears, adding a bit more depth and texture, the real showstopper is always going to be those dalmatian spots dotted across their coat.

Regardless of where these spots appear – all over, concentrated on one side or just sprinkled here or there – it adds so much charm and beauty to these unique pooches.

13. Akihoula

Credit to: @megan_m_puzikas

Parents: Catahoula & Akita

The Akihoula is a unique cross between their parents the Catahoula and Akita. Despite their occasional aloofness, these pups show true devotion to their owners.

These smart and obedient doggos are always ready for any challenge you may have in store! Provided they get proper training and socialization, they can excel at whatever activity you offer.

From learning new tricks to playing keep-away, these pooches will never want for more when it comes to enterainiment.

Expect your Akihoula pup to be affectionate one moment and impassioned by their mission the next! They make wonderful companions for those who appreciate dedication in all its forms.

14. Samkita

Credit to: @thesecretlifeofsnowy

Parents: Samoyed & Akita

Samkitas are a blend of parental affection and energy. And the two parent breeds, Samoyed and Akita, provide the touch of adoration that every pup needs.

This crossbreed is incredibly interactive, bursting with happiness to frolic in sunny fields or accompany you on a walk. Their cheerfully-Nature means they’re great with people, kids included!

Surprisingly enough, when it comes down to guarding their home space, Samkitas have a protective side that kicks in pretty fast! This can come from their playful Akita parents who will remind them to be the alpha no matter what.

Still, these fur babies adore being around family just as much as their if not more than strangers. So if you’re looking for some furry addition your Samkita might just be the perfect fit!

15. Akita & Mastiff Mix

Akita & Mastiff Mix
Credit to: @kelly.langfield

Parents: Mastiff & Akita

This amazing mix has a reliable protective streak that would make anyone feel safe, combined with the athletic bodies of both breeds, it is clear this hybrid was born to be on guard.

The powerful physique not only gives them extra confidence while facing threats but may also give you major street cred when walking this pup.

Still, Akita mixes have sharp hunting senses so if you live in the countryside or have smaller pets at home, this pooch might not be for you. A Mastiff-Akita hybrid requires early and consistent training to teach them what behavior is expected from them and how far are their boundaries.

Not only will it help keep your surroundings safe but could also calm the pup down making them an easier pet to handle.

16. Corgita

Credit to: @realchadcarter

Parents: Corgi & Akita

The Corgita is the perfect companion for parents looking for that extra dose of fluffiness. With a mix of a Corgi and Akita, you’ll get the best of both worlds.

This pup will surrender unending happiness and fun-loving mischief with their lively personality and vivacious energy.

The genes combine in unpredictable ways which makes each doggo unique in appearance too.

You could get the stocky body of a Corgi, or the classic Akita figure – whichever Doodle delights you more!

It doesn’t stop there either; Corgitas make marvelous partners as they develop strong bonds with their owners, as well as being easy to train due to their intelligence.

So if you want four paws full of pleasure, then look no further than this chirpy Chorkie (Corgi + Akita).

17. Akita Staffy

Akita Staffy
Credit to: @j2ferguson

Parents: Staffordshire Bull Terrier & Akita

The hybrid of a Staffordshire Bull Terrier and Akita make for a unique pup – strong, compact, and boasting two courageous breeds that will guard their family.

Carrying the akita’s resilient attitude and the powerful look from its staffy parent these canines are fun, fluffy and fierce in equal measure.

At home these dogs are sweet and gentle with their family but to strangers they seem ferocious.

Sufficient socialization is key as it contributes to their ability to socialize well with other pets, particularly if they’re exposed them from an early age.

With the combined characteristics, this hybrid provides both boldness and cuddles for their owners all at once!

18. Shar Akita

Shar Akita
Credit to: @hooray4myakitasharpei

Parents: Shar Pei & Akita

Introducing the Shar Akita, an uber-adorable hybrid of the Shar Pei and Akita that loves to make everything fun.

They’re a fiercely loyal pup that won’t quickly warm up to strangers but once you become friends you will be best pals for life.

Their protective nature makes socialization training at an early age essential, so they know how to interact with people in a polite and positive way.

The Shar Akita are active pups who need regular physical and mental stimulation – their keen intelligence makes them easily excel in any activity you give them!

19. Akitacollie

Credit to: @sannastephanie

Parents: Border Collie & Akita

Akita Collies are a beautiful combination of two amazing parent breeds – the Border Collie & the Akita. These sweet-faced four-legged pups possess both their parents’ intelligence, making them highly trainable and intelligent.

But with great power come great responsibility! Give your super pup mental challenges to keep them occupied so they don’t find their own…mischievous ways to entertain themselves when left alone. Training may seem demanding but it’s rewarding work for both you and your pup!

Not to mention that these happy pups make loyal companions, never failing to charm you with those big puppy eyes. So if you’re looking for a smart, devoted and loving companion who’s also fun to have around, then the Akita Collie is just the ticket!

20. Akitamute

Credit to: @meekathemalkita

Parents: Alaskan Malamute & Akita

This intriguing mix of two suitable breeds will provide you with just the right amount of furry love. From their Alaskan Malamute parent, they will get that trademark fluffy coat and affectionate attitude while from the Akita Inu they can inherit a loyalty only a family pet can bring.

An Akitamute is perfect for all locations. Their thick fur helps withstand even the coldest temperatures and snow; so if you’re in Alaska or Russia, these pooches won’t mind one bit! On the other hand, this dog isn’t made for hot climates, so make sure to avoid high temperatures when you go outside together.

But really, nothing sets them apart more than their loving disposition. A perfect combination of courage and gentleness can be found in this extraordinary Pet that’s ready to join your family. With all its astounding capabilities, an Akitamute will give you more love than you ever imagined!

21. Golden Retriekita

Parents: Golden Retriever & Akita

The Golden Akita is something truly exceptional. They have all the joy, friendliness and sweetness of a Golden Retriever mixed with an independent and carefree Akita spirit – it’s perfection!

Being a hybrid, they do not shed as lightly as a hypoallergenic breed would but regular brushing and grooming can help keep your house fur-free.

One of the main benefits of owning this pup is their lifespan which ranges from 10 to 13 years – longer than many other breeds or mixes.

22. Boxita

Credit to: @charlie_manderman

Parents: Boxer & Akita

By combining a Boxer and an Akita, the result is an affable, active pup that may look intimidating but is actually quite docile.

When buying a puppy, there is no guarantee which parent it will resemble most. To ensure you are making the right purchase, it is best to meet both the puppy and their parents.

23. Akita & Great Dane Mix

Akita & Great Dane Mix
Credit to: @furry_petsworld

Parents: Great Dane & Akita

The epitome of large and loving, the Akita Great Dane mix is a blend of bravery and caring. This pup inherits their powerful presence from the Great Dane parent, who is the largest breed of dog in the world!

But despite its intimidating size, this breed can have a lovable nature thanks to its Akita side. The Akita mix will ease up some of the breed’s Independence and make for a perfect family companion.

This pup also requires some special care— plenty of room and food— to support its growing body since it’s so large. And with so many different coat colors possible between both parents, this pup is sure to be an eye-catcher in any home.

24. Great Pyrenkita

Great Pyrenkita
Credit to: @pale__roo

Parents: Great Pyrenees & Akita

The Great Pyrenkita is a big fluffy mix of Great Pyrenees and the other, yet unknown breed. Featuring a thick coat and large stature, they will certainly look larger than life.

But while they may appear intimidating at first, you can have peace of mind knowing they are devoted protectors of their family and loyal watchdogs too!

Despite their independent nature, we assure you this wild pup won’t cause any trouble. This lovable canine keeps a close watch on their flock – that’s you!

25. Akita Rottie

Akita Rottie
Credit to: @pablo_the_cornish_bear

Parents: Rottweiler & Akita

These fascinating pups, bred from a Rottweiler and an Akita, are great family dogs. But first, buckle up for the ride because they come with some big personalities, too.

They need early and persistent training to get the most out of them since they can be quite tenacious. In return for that love and attention, you’ll have a pup that is beautiful, fiercely loyal and loves to cuddle and be around you!

Being sociable is crucial so try to introduce your pet to as many different people (and other dogs) as possible on a regular basis. This also encourages their protective instincts towards anyone they meet in the future.

Your pet will need plenty of exercise but once all needs have been met- it’s cuddle o’clock! These pups are exceptionally affectionate with their soon-to-be favorite person and like nothing more than watching a movie on the couch after a day out in nature!

26. Inukita

Credit to: @mio_the_doge

Parents: Shiba Inu & Akita

The Shiba Inu Akita mix is a pup with a poise and presence. Its peculiar combination of independence and aloofness make for an intriguing doggo. Unlike the cool, calculated Akita Rottie, this mixed-breed won’t follow you around so closely.

It prefers its own spot on the sofa or snuggled up by itself in bed, looking for regal solitude in whatever situation it finds itself. If you’re searching for a companion to stay beautifully apart, give this dynamic duo’s mix a go!

27. Akita & Chihuahua Mix

Akita & Chihuahua Mix
Credit to: @loveladyylisa

Parents: Chihuahua & Akita

The Chihuahua x Akita mix is the ultimate combination of two-in-one dynamic doggos! But with such bold personalities, this matchup could be a recipe for disaster. As parents, one is aggressive and the other independent so your pup will likely combine those traits.

If you’re up for a challenge then this Chih-Ak may be for you! Training and socialization are key when looking for a loyal companion. You won’t find many dogs quite like this in the streets, but its double helping of powerful genes makes it essential to get it right from day one.

No matter how cute they look, you can’t ignore their strength and tenacity that come from these robust parent breeds – bordering on trouble if not carefully managed. So if you choose this unique pet pooch, make sure to go in prepared!

28. Aussiekita

Credit to: @jacky._.yi

Parents: Australian Shepherd & Akita

Aussiekita is the perfect companion for those with an active lifestyle. Looking at their parents, Australian Shepherds and Akitas, you can bet that they have a lot of energy to go around and stay fit right alongside you.

These hybrids can be quite tending, preferring to bond with one or two humans however, if handled properly since an early age, they won’t hesitate to interact even with smaller kids due to their Aussie genes.

They are alert but very loyal and protective of their owners, being always ready to play or explore new places – from open countryside areas or outdoor festivities.

A absolute firecracker when it comes to having fun and staying .

29. Bernese Akita

Bernese Akita
Credit to: @va.akita.rescue

Parents: Bernese Mountain Dog & Akita

Bernese Akitas are very cuddly and loyal, ideal for families looking for an adorable bear-like pup. With their thick fur and droopy eyes, Bernese Akitas are the perfect mix of both parent breeds’ best features.

Though quite friendly with their family, these dogs may take more time to warm up to strangers. It is important to socialize these animals from a young age so they become adjusted to meeting new people.

The Bernese Akita loves long walks, hikes in the mountains and long playtimes outside. Allowing your dog plenty of exercise opportunities can help them stay in shape and maintain good health.

At home, they often form strong bonds with their humans and are known as fairly laid back housemates despite their large size. They do require regular grooming sessions due to their long coats and enjoy keeping active when indoors as well!

30. Akita Pom

Akita Pom
Credit to: @shiro_the_pomkita

Parents: Pomeranian & Akita

Akita Poms are a unique combination of personalities, combining the snuggly friendliness of a Pomeranian with the regal grace of an Akita.

This pup will make for fantastic friends, as it loves to cuddle and play with its family.

The breed comes in a variety of sizes: some inherit their Akita parent’s larger size, while others look more like the smaller Pomeranian.

But no matter their size, they’re sure to steal your heart with their adorable face and loving nature.

You’ll never be lonely when you have an Akita Pom around – they’re guaranteed to brighten up every corner of your life!

31. Akitaberman

Credit to: @woody_doglife

Parents: Doberman & Akita

With its courageous exterior and loving interior, the Akitaberman is a parent-pleasing pup. Experienced owners will delight in this intelligent cross-breed’s gentle, yet protective nature.

Plus, with lengthy socialization and positive reinforcement early on, you can establish just the right balance of trust and respect between you and your Akitaberman.

This loyal companion promises all the love—and protection—of both parents combined! Ready to show some affection? An Akitaberman won’t miss it!

32. Beagita

Credit to: @srslyrenee

Parents: Beagle & Akita

With a combination of Beagle and Akita parents, you can give this hybrid four-legged family member the best of both worlds. It not only brings out the friendly nature of the Beagle but also has the protective instincts of an Akita.

This mix can be incredibly playful and cuddly with their family yet still alert and vigilant when it comes to intrusion. This active pooch craves attention so taking it on walks or having playtime sessions are key if you have an ambitious pup.

While they enjoy time being independent, they also make excellent watchdogs while being devoted companions. The curiousness and intelligence that comes with this mix make them perfect for training and teaching new commands as well as activities such as agility courses.

33. Blue Akita

Blue Akita
Credit to: @huskysasha.and.co

Parents: Australian Cattle Dog (Blue Heeler) & Akita

Blue Akitas make wonderful companions for adventurous parents! These hybrid pooches are a mix of Australian Cattle Dogs and Akita, bringing together the intelligence and loyalty of the Akita with the high energy level of the Cattle Dog.

Part of owning a Blue Heeler will be making sure they have enough exercise. A daily walk is recommended to really allow them to blow off some steam. They can even help out in outdoor activities like ranching or herding — Blue Akitas love having something to do!

Although these pups aren’t great cuddlers, you can tell when they’re happy by their loving loyalty towards you. But don’t expect it come easily; they tend to be pretty stubborn so patience and training are key when it comes to interaction with your Blue Akita!

34. Akita & English Bulldog Mix

Akita & English Bulldog Mix
Credit to: @tali.and.lola

Parents: English Bulldog & Akita

The Bulldog Akita mix is sure to be a loyal pup with beautiful coloring. They’ll have the same gentle and loving demeanor of English Bulldogs while also having the independence of an Akita.

Warm personalities make them perfect family pets and they will love spending time with their pack in adventure-filled activities and cuddle sessions.

However, sometimes they may have a stronger sense of obedience so early socialization is key to help them learn which behaviors are appropriate or not.

This mix might even look like a mini bear but no matter what, guaranteed to charm parents and kids alike!

35. Rhodesian Akita

Rhodesian Akita
Credit to: @pasadena_wigglebutt_walkers

Parents: Rhodesian & Akita

The Rhodesian Akita is an impressive hybrid with many admirable parental traits. They immediately stand out with their tall, muscular stature and luxurious coats. And these pooches have the potential to make outstanding watchdogs, they are fiercely loyal to their family, and they can show a sense of assertiveness when trusting that same family.

Yet, it’s crucial for a Rhodesian Akita to receive proper socialization training early on. If not done correctly, this pup can show aggression around other people or animals they don’t know well or haven’t seen regularly before.

But with an ample amount of love and patience given during the puppy years, your Rhodesian Akita will be one unconditionally loving companion that you’ll never forget!

36. Bull Akita

Bull Akita
Credit to: @vecnestestigsds

Parents: Bullmastiff & Akita

The Akita Bullmastiff mix is an amazing breed, offering a bundle of intelligence and strength. With parents like the Bullmastiff and the Akita, these pups will be incredibly loyal, hardworking, and protective. Although they will likely be large in size, they are surprisingly gentle at heart.

When raising an Akita Bullmastiff mix, however, it is essential to socialize and train them from their earliest days. This will ensure that they stay calm but aware while interacting with other animals as well as people.

And not to forget – these pooches need a lot of space! They need plenty of room to stretch out and romp around. So make sure you can provide them with the environment they thrive and grow in before bringing one of these beautiful canine companions home.

37. Corkita

Credit to: @sophmidnight

Parents: Cane Corso & Akita

The Corkita is a force to be reckoned with – but also the ideal companion. They’re a hybrid of two noble breeds, so you can expect intelligence, independence and strength from them.

Their ancestry makes them selective of who they show affection to – but if you get it, consider yourself lucky! They may be loyal and watchful at home, but when it comes to strangers or new animals, their prey drive can spring into action in an instant.

This pup is the perfect blend of Akita and Cane Corso traits that make for an impressive combination of loyalty, intelligence, aloofness and love. Get your Corkita now for a fur-buddied full of adventure!

38. Pugita

Credit to: @ahs_tintonfalls

Parents: Pug & Akita

The Pugita is the perfect pup for a family who wants an energetic and loving companion. With their brave Akita spirit and sweet pug personality, these little ones desire to be part of your life every moment.

Their affectionate nature is sure to make them an instant hit in your home, as they will cuddle up with everyone around for lots of hugs and kisses.

And despite the amazing furry coat that can come from this mix, bear in mind that some Pugitas might get some skin problems from their parents. That’s why some extra care might be necessary to keep those troubles away!

But don’t worry – all in all, these guys are an incredible source of joy and fun no matter what. So if you want a loyal friend before anything else, this is definitely the pup for you!

39. Bullkita

Credit to: @coupla_bs

Parents: American Bulldog & Akita

The Bullkita is the perfect combination of two hardworking dog breeds. It merges undeniable warrior spirit with a heartwarming loyalty, creating an incredibly unique pet.

Bullkitas are known for their independent and fearless characters, making them dependable guardians of your home.

These hybrid dogs have graceful bodies, architecturally balanced heads and large, powerful bones. With stunningly beautiful coats to round it all off, the Bullkita will make an unmissable addition to your family!

Training these dogs at a young age is essential in order to showcase the very best traits they have to offer. They enjoy playing games too—ideally something that puts their health first such as fetch or swimming! That way, you can capture its impeccable wit and charm.

40. Nekita

Credit to: @hendersonanimalcareandcontrol

Parents: Neapolitan Mastiff & Akita Mix

The Neapolitan Mastiff and Akita mix, also known as the Nekita, is a truly special breed. With their stunning mix of distinct features from their iconic parents, it’s no wonder they stand out in a crowd.

This pup is big, with a weight range laid between 70 to 150 pounds and an expected longevity of 7-13 years. And while they may not be heavy shedders, when the season comes you can expect some extra fur flooding your living room! Kindly note that due to their deep skin folds, regular health checks may be necessary.

One thing’s for sure – these pups are sure to be a conversation starter wherever they go! With personalities ranging from gentle giants to devoted friends and protectors who always have your back. This one won’t disappoint!

41. Akita Basset

Akita Basset
Credit to: @maxdarkpowers

Parents: Basset Hound & Akita

The perfect mix between a Basset Hound & an Akita is something extraordinary. These two breeds are the best of both worlds, which is why they’re so popular. The calming nature of the Basset Hound perfectly complements their Akita parent’s active and energetic attitude.

Combining these two breeds produces a pup that loves to play and be social, but has all the intelligence of a loyal and protective family pet. They form strong bonds with those around them and become very attached to one another. And when you look at this mix, it’s undeniable you’ve got a funny looking dog that can take care of itself!

42. Malinois Akita

Malinois Akita
Credit to: @skyethemalimix

Parents: Belgian Malinois & Akita

With a mixed heritage like the Belgian Malinois and Akita, this breed of pup is not for the faint of heart. Their aggressive nature and startling devotion to their parents makes them the perfect watch dogs.

But looks can be deceiving with this mix. The unique blend ensures a protective yet loyal presence that won’t be easily forgotten and can spice up any space with an impressive flair that stands out.

Sure they look tough, but they still enjoy an ample amount of playtime and pampering! In terms of personality, these two breeds come together in harmony to create a trusting and reliable bond with their owners – plus a dash of mischief, humor, love and loyalty!

Their energetic spirit combined with their smarts makes them great candidates if you’re ever looking for a top notch guard dog or pup pal who’s always ready for adventure.

43. French Akita

French Akita
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Parents: French Bulldog & Akita

French Akitas are a rare hound-like hybrid pup, produced by the mating of a French Bulldog and an Akita. They make wonderful companions and protection with their loyal and loving nature. However, you need to be ready for regular vet visits as French Bulldogs tend to have strong genetic trends towards health problems which can lead to complications when mixed with the Akita’s sturdy genetics.

You will also need to use firm but gentle training methods with a French Akita as they blend into both parents’ behavioral tendencies and can be headstrong in their decision making.

Although because of their different backgrounds, the mix is quite unpredictable in terms of size, color or even temperament. Generally, this stunning breed looks more like an Akita with the Frenchie’s big eyes, flat face and strong square jawbone.

A French Akita mixes need plenty of physical activity, so if you are an active against adventurous family going on mother hikes or long runs might be beneficial. But aside from that don’t forget that they need mental exercises too so they won’t become moody or start barking at everything that moves around them!

44. Alaskan Malamute Akita Mix

Alaskan Alamute

 The Alaskan Akita is the perfect companion for any kind of adventure.

This impressive hybrid dog can weigh anywhere from 70 to 130 pounds, with a lifespan of 10 to 14 years.

They may have a tough exterior and strong personality, but don’t be fooled – underneath that rugged exterior beats a heart full of love and playfulness.

These active pups will need plenty of exercise and socialization – luckily they are very affectionate towards their family members!

Plus, you might find yourself needing a bigger dustpan as these pups are year-round shedders! But don’t worry – once you get to know them, you won’t mind all the extra fur at all.

If you’re ready for long hikes full of laughter and lots of snuggles, look no further than the Alaskan Akita!


What is the best breed to mix with an Akita?

When considering a breed to mix with an Akita, the best option would be a Chihuahua as they are small in size and have playful personalities that will help balance out the Akita’s stubbornness. The two breeds also share similar hunting traits, so it is likely they will have compatible behavior patterns.

Are Akita mixes good with other dogs?

Akita mixes can get along with other dogs, depending on the individual dog’s temperament and their socialization experiences. They may be wary of strange dogs and need extra time to acclimate to them, making proper introductions key. Proper socialization during puppyhood is essential for an Akita mix to be comfortable with other dogs.

What are the two types of Akita?

There are two main types of Akita: Japanese Akita and American Akita. The difference between the two is that Japanese Akitas tend to be smaller and have a heavier coat, while American Akitas are larger and have a coarser coat.

Can you have 2 Akitas?

Yes, you can have two Akitas as long as you are willing to provide them with enough attention, exercise, and space to live a comfortable life.

Do Akitas get aggressive?

Akitas are a protective and loyal breed, but they can become aggressive if not properly trained and socialized. Proper training and regular exercise can help keep them well-behaved.

Conclusion: Akita Mixes

Taking all Akita mixes into consideration, it’s clear that they require special attention. However, their size and temperament prohibiting them from being suitable for everyone.

If you’re thinking of getting an Akita mix, it’s important to take into account all the relevant information so your pup can lead a healthy life.

It’s important to find a trustworthy breeder if you’re thinking of getting a dog, and make sure their parent breeds are healthy.

Wishing you the best of luck in finding your ideal canine companion!

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